Counted Cross Stitch is hand done. Since they take a long time to do, Wedding Pillows require a 50% non refundable deposit. Yacht Club Towels can be done in block letters with nautical flags. I have also done, hats, golf shirts and visors.
Yacht Club or Golf Towel

Three or four letters hand stitched on a white hand towel. Two matching towels for $30.00 includes shipping.
$18.00 each   

Wedding Pillow

Wedding pillows custom designed. Price will vary with the amount of letters and complexity of trim. I need a month to complete one. A 50% deposit is required.
$75.00 & up   

Sun Visor

Price will depend on letters and complexity. I have typically have made them with yacht or golf club initials or beach name.
$15.00 & up   

Pillow Cases

Embroidered flowers on white full size pillow cases. One of a kind.
$20.00 for   

Personalized Hand Towels

Similar to Yacht Club towels. Price depends on number of letters. 3 intials $30.00 per pair or $18.00 each.
$18.00 each